Hiking Chartwell

We’re off to explore Chartwell – the home for over 40 years of one of Britain’s greatest politicians, Sir Winston Churchill. Decorated as it was in the 1930s, the family house is filled with treasures from every aspect of Churchill’s life. However, Chartwell is so much more than the house! We will admire fantastic views of the Weald of Kent, the lakes with black swans (a gift to Churchill from the Australian Government) and the pond with golden orfe, where Churchill could sit for hours feeding his beloved fish. We will stroll through the Golden Rose Avenue and Lady Clementine’s Rose Garden, taking in delicious smells of over 15 varieties of roses.

Apart from Churchill, our hike will be tightly related to another historical figure – Octavia Hill. Octavia Hill was a social activist and the co-founder of the National Trust – the conservation charity, protecting historic places and green spaces – for ever, for everyone.

Trip Highlights:

  • Visit Chartwell – the home of Sir Winston Churchill.
  • Discover the gorgeous Emmetts Garden with its lovely rose garden and fantastic views over the Weald of Kent. Enjoy an afternoon tea in the Old Stables Tea-Room.
  • Pass the historical estate of Tenchley’s Manor, built in 1599.
  • Visit Crockham Hill – a village where Octavia Hill lived and was buried. Although Octavia Hill could have been buried in Westminster Abbey, she chose this quiet, unassuming place next to her home.
  • Climb Toys Hill (235 m) and enjoy panoramic views over the Weald of Kent. Toys Hill is thought to have inspired Octavia Hill to found the National Trust in 1895.
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell
  • Hiking Chartwell

Photo credit: National Trust Images.

Distance: 20 km.

Difficulty: 7/10 (average). This hike is suited for those that have a medium level of fitness. It’s mostly flat with a small number of hills.

Meeting Point: we will meet at the London Bridge railway station at 7:45am on the benches next to the Main Ticket Office. We will leave the meeting point at 7:55am to board the train departing at 8:07am.

Food: we will have lunch at Chartwell. Feel free to bring a packed lunch and have a picnic on the lawn. Alternatively, you can buy hot food and snacks at the National Trust café.

Plan for the day: 8:07 Catch the train to Oxted from the London Bridge railway station; 8:50-11.30 Start the hike in the direction of Chartwell, passing through the Crockham Hill village and Tenchley’s Manor; 11:30-14:30 Chartwell visit (£7.20-14.40) and lunch; 14:30-16:00 Continue the hike in the direction of the Emmetts Garden, passing through the Toys Hill; 16:00-16:40 Emmetts Garden visit; 16:40-18:00 Hike in the direction of a town of Westerham, where we will finish our hike. After the hike, we will visit a pub, where you can purchase a very well-deserved beer. Depending on our pace, planned arrival time back to London is 7-8pm.

Please note that if you would like to visit the House at Chartwell, we strongly suggest that you to book your tickets in advance for the 12:00 slot on the 21st of July. If you would like to visit the property, without entering the House, no advance booking is required.

 What to bring:

  • suitable hiking shoes and clothes;
  • packed lunch (optional);
  • water.

That’s it, we will take care of train tickets and logistics on the day, so just turn up and have a great day hiking!

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