🎩 Castles of the East Scotland

Despite its small size, Scotland has many treasures crammed into its compact territory – big skies, lonely landscapes, spectacular wildlife, superb seafood and hospitable, down-to-earth people. By Neil Wilson, Writer about love to Scotland: It’s the weather. Yes, seriously. We get four proper seasons here (sometimes all of them in one day) and that means that you get to enjoy the same landscapes over and over again in a range of different garbs… And the unpredictability of the weather means that even the wettest day can be suddenly transformed by parting clouds and slanting shafts of golden light. Sheer magic.

We will have free time and visit classic cars event in Balmoral Castle the royal residence of Queen, usually not opened to the public because of the frequent visits of monarchs. Then we dive into legends and myths of Glamis Castle. On Sunday, we walk into the wild beauty of the Scottish nature, we will see the wildest and untouched lake of the country Evelyn and could climb to the second highest mountain in Scotland Ben Makdul! Day three is left for the North Sea and famous Castle Dunnottar, with lunch in Glasgow. Returning to London about 23:00. After the trip, we will make a video that will be based on your photos! You and your friends and family can share those captured moments and experience with the rest of the world!

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£ 2400.00

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